Are your doors made from real timber?


Can I customise my door?

Yes, please look through the available options there are.

Do you do bespoke designs?

We do! Contact us and we can help you bring your design from inception to reality!

I want an oak garage door why is the range limited?

The Monmouth range of oak garage doors is relatively small as we are only able to make oak garage doors from oak-faced ply and oak mouldings - oak is too heavy and unstable to be used in boarded or raised and fielded designs. Don't worry though! The Warwick range is made from idigbo and is almost indistinguishable from oak and is lighter in weight allowing for many more styles. If you see a style in the Balmoral or Buckingham ranges we can, in almost every case, make a door in idigbo

How will my door operate?

Illustration of both retractable and canopy opening gear operation

All up and over doors are supplied on retractable opening gear as standard. Retractable gear is ultra-reliable and perfect for automation. It also provides light and easy spring assisted opening when operated manually. The door slides up and back, “retracting” almost completely into the garage on tracks fixed to the garage ceiling or side walls.

Canopy opening gear is available as an option on single doors up to 8’0” wide and 7’0” high. The door slides up on spring assisted arms running in tracks fitted to the back of the frame legs and forms a “canopy” that projects out from the front of the garage.

Side hinged gear is the simplest of all - doors are hung on hinges and swing outwards to open.

What will my size of garage door look like?

Single and double doors

Double garage doors over 10'6" wide are created with the appearance of two single garage doors side by side to ensure proportions are retained. Garage doors up to 10'6" wide use repeated features or wider proportions for each feature to achieve an attractive and balanced design. The Chesham, Hardwick, Tingewick, Uxbridge and Wendover styles are fully boarded designs and feature a steel sub frame to protect timber ends. All other styles are "edgeless".

Will the colour of my door be the same as the finishes shown?

The density of your chosen finish colour will vary dependent on the timbers in your door. Dark timbers increase the effective density of an applied colour – for lighter timbers the reverse is true. The samples of colours shown illustrate an average shade. All doors are made from timbers selected to blend well for depth of colour, however, by its very nature, uniformity for every door is not possible. Some doors will be made from predominantly darker timbers and some will be made from predominantly lighter timbers. Each will have a different density for the same colour finish.

Doors are ordered on the understanding that colour density variance is accepted as part of the inherent nature of wood. If you have a density of colour you wish to achieve please provide a sample or contact us for advice. We are able to select timbers to specifically meet your requirements for an individual door, but please remember wood is a natural product and variation is impossible to eliminate. A perfect match is unlikely — the very reason we love wood so much!