The Balmoral range of wooden garage doors is hand crafted in cedar mouldings, cedar tongue & groove boards and raised and fielded cedar panels for timeless appeal.

The Balmoral range is part of the Coach House collection of wooden garage doors and represents joinery at its best, hand-built in cedar and finished to exacting standards. Many styles are also available as side hinged doors or matching personnel doors – see the York range for details.

Balmoral up & over garage doors are of solid-construction suitable for use with Masta-Gear and available in standard and made to measure sizes. Solid construction employs wider, deeper wooden rails that eliminate the need for a steel chassis or subframe Very large doors may have some bracings to reduce “door sag” when in the open position. Gear fixes directly to the door panel for a very neat appearance to the inside of the door.

There are 24 designs in the Balmoral wooden garage door range:
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The Adstock The Bierton The Burnham The Chalfont The Chalfont Wide The Chartridge The Chartridge Wide The Coleshill* The Coleshill Wide* The Gawcott The Gawcott Wide The Granborough** The Hampden The Ickford* The Marston The Padbury The Quainton The Salford The Sherington** The Woburn The Uttoxeter The Wemford The Whitchurch

* Available with square or diamond lattice leading as a no cost option.
** Available with windows in plain square or diamond lattice leading as a cost option.

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