The Warwick range of wooden garage doors is hand crafted in idigbo mouldings, and idigbo tongue & groove boards and raised and fielded idigbo panels for timeless appeal. It is the perfect choice if you are looking for a timber that looks just like an oak garage door.

The Warwick garage door range is part of the Coach House collection of wooden garage doors and is unique in using idigbo, a hardwood that is very similar to oak in grain and colour, yet at a lower price. Our Monmouth range of oak garage doors is made from oak mouldings and oak faced ply and, whilst they are lovely garage doors, the styles are limited by the physical characteristics of oak - it is very, very heavy and not stable enough to use for boarded or raised and fielded designs - in steps idigbo!

Idigbo is light enough to allow us to make all styles and we whole-heartedly recommend it as an alternative to oak - we promise you won't be disappointed and the finished garage doors are impressive. We've supplied idigbo doors that have been fitted to oak pillars and they are an excellent match - see the image right.

With the extensive range of finishes from the classic Natural Oak, Old Oak and Mid Oak, we also have Green Oak, Midnight Oak and Red Oak for a striking effect.

Idigbo against oak

Warwick doors hand-built in and supplied fully finished to the highest standards. Many garage doors designs are also available as side hinged doors or matching personnel doors – see each style for details.

Warwick up & over garage doors are of panel-construction suitable for use with Masta-Gear and Super-Chassis or solid-construction suitable for use with Masta-Gear and available in standard and made to measure sizes. Solid construction employs wider, deeper wooden rails that eliminate the need for a steel chassis or sub-frame Very large doors may have some bracings to reduce “door sag” when in the open position. Gear fixes directly to the door panel for a very neat appearance to the inside of the door.

There are 31 designs in the Warwick wooden garage door range:
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Up & Over

The Alcester The Aston* The Baddesley The Bentley The Bidford The Brandon The Charlton The Claverdon The Claverdon Wide The Dorchester** The Gaydon The Grafton** The Grendon The Grendon Wide The Harbury The Harbury Wide The Hatton* The Hatton Wide* The Henley The Kenilworth The Kenilworth Wide The Kennington The Langley The Southam The Southam Wide The Stratford The Thames The Thrapston The Welford The Whitnash

* Available with square or diamond lattice leading as a no cost option.

** Available with square or diamond lattice leading as a cost option.

Side Hinged & Personnel

All styles are available as side hinged doors or as personnel doors:


The Alcester Personnel The Brandon Personnel The Bidford Personnel The Baddesley Personnel The Claverdon Personnel The Hatton* Personnel The Kenilworth°° Personnel The Grendon Personnel The Grafton** Personnel The Harbury°° Personnel The Aston* Personnel The Kineton Personnel The Welford Personnel The Bentley Personnel The Langley Personnel The Gaydon Personnel The Dorchester** Personnel The Thrapston Personnel The Kennington Personnel

°° Also available as 1.3 – 2/3 opening.

* Available with square or diamond lattice leading as a no cost option.

** Available with square or diamond lattice leading as a cost option.


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